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Ecotonal Housing - Thesis Project

Representing the greatest enemy to biodiversity, the edge effect is the phenomenon that occurs due to the fragmentation and destruction of natural habitat by human intrusions.  The effects of a simple intrusion such as a road on a habitat core can be detrimental to the species of that area.  To avoid destroying any habitat, the buildings have been densely located along one street.  By taking into consideration how a building can filter the waste, light, and noise that is normally produced by human settlement we can preserve and enhance adjacent habitat cores.   This proposed ecotonal edge offers a new way of living that is integrated within the sustainable limits of the habitat.


Project Type:  Mixed-Use developement, and master plan 

Project Contributions:  All work, including but not limited to: Design,  renderings, drafting, and presentation boards

Date of Completion:  August, 2009 

Firm/Organization:  Project completed while attending The University of Oregon 

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